Sports Rap Radio will serve sports fans in Detroit.

We will entertain and inform. We will chronicle the best and the worst of Motown’s hometown teams. We will highlight the achievements and moments of today, but also not forget the past that has shaped the fandom of the city.

We will give you both young and fresh and experienced voices, talking with you, not at you.

This will be that barbershop convo that made you fall in love with sports from the very beginning.

We will give the players who wear our colors a voice and platform to share their thoughts, and experiences. We will also explore our culture, style and flair in the sports world.

On the music tip, we will include the beats to bounce to, a soundtrack that goes hand-and-hand with your sports experience.

Most of all, we will both be loud and proud on the radio.

And if we do it right, Sports Rap Radio will become a part of your life, a must-listen.

Yes, finally a station for us.

– Bruthas Broadcasting, LLC.